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3D Adventure Studio will be an editor for creating adventure games in style of Gabriel Knight 3 [Windows] 

Here you can see the complete engine list of the site.

The blue highlighted engines are recommended and the green ones have their own pages in GD.

3D Engines List is really interesting list that includes 643 eng. available in I-net. Badly the site appears to be abandoned.
3D Game Engine alpha release of an unfinished 3D game engine [DOS/GNU/Linux] 
3D Game Studio produce 3D real-time applications - demos, adventures, role playing, action, advertising, or racing games - without programming skills [Windows] 
3D Rad a programmable, user-friendly, 3D real-time engine [Windows] 
ADRIFT a simple, yet powerful IF game designer [Windows] 
Adventure Builder text adventure authoring system [DOS/Windows] 
Adventure Game Builder Utility no description given [Windows]
Adventure Construction Kit create your own role playing/adventure games ala the early Ultima games [DOS] 
Adventure Game Engine engine for creating graphical first-person adventure games with full support for inventory, save/load games, inventory, puzzles, conversations, full motion video, cut scenes [Windows] 
Adventure Gamer easy-to-use, full-featured toolkit that lets you create board mazes with items to find and use, characters to interact with [Windows 3.1+] 
Adventure Game Studio make your own point and click adventure games without programming; recently rewritten, now supports the standard Sierra interface as well as the Lucas Arts interface. Very nice. [DOS] 
Adventure Maker 2 make your own 1st person adventure games with no programming or scripting required [Windows95+] 
AdventureR Lab planned professional tool to create classical point & click adventures 
Adventure Writer tool for Adventure creation and management [Windows]
AGAST Adventure Game Authoring System to create and play your own graphic adventure games like those from LucasArts and Sierra On-line [Windows] 
AGT Adventure Game Toolkit for creating text adventures with graphics and sound [DOS] 
ALAN for creating interactive fiction [Amiga/Unix/DOS] 
Alice create your own scripts that control the motion of 3D objects for games, training simulations, etc [Windows95+]
AMOS get the source code for the classic Amiga game creation program [Amiga] 
Allegro & WinAllegro are two very interesting and easily  to use libraries for creating games. Allegro was originally for DOS but it's upgrade WinAllegro is a solution for everyone who wants to program under Windows. Currently no multiplayer is supported, but who knows in the future... [DOS & WIN; DJGPP or VC++6]
ANTIMETA is a site with a list of good RTS engines. Badly it is really old but some of the links still work and could be interesting.
Archetype an adventure creation language [DOS]
AZALTA system with endless adventures, an infinite number of large worlds to explore, hundreds of puzzles to solve, creatures to meet, and items to find -- you can even create your own worlds/creatures/items [Windows/Amiga] 
BEE easy tile based RPG engine [Windows]
Beyond create online games and applications using a simple programming language
Blackfish open source isometric game engine written in C++ [Windows]
Blitz Basic the legendary Amiga Basic compiler for the PC [Windows] 
Blades of Exile a fantasy role-playing system [Windows/MAC]
Blender free and fully functional 3D modeling/rendering/animation package, including games [Unix/Windowsdows/BeOS] 
The Bluespere Project text adventure creation software that is in development [Windows/DOS] 
ButtonTalk easy to use tool for creating interaction fiction [MAC to create, exports HTML]
CAECHO a program for creating interaction fiction [not sure of platform, the docs are in Spanish]
CAT Creative Adventure Toolkit: adventure authoring utility for writing text adventures on your PC [Windows]
Create Graphic Adventures a simple to use program for making graphic adventures [Windows]
CGMP game creation system that features a built-in 3D engine [DOS/Windows] 
CIA Create Interactive Adventures, an EXTREMELY SIMPLE to use program for making text adventures., complete with demo game [DOS] 
Classic Adventure Writer create a wide range of adventure games which can include 100 locations, with separate graphics and sounds for each location with no programming required [Windows 95/NT]
Clean Game Library learn a way to easily create your own scrolling platform games with only little programming [Windows]
Coconut 2D adventure game development tool [Windows/LINUX
Coldstone the most complete solution for developing games on the Macintosh [MAC] 
Corndog Megazeux/ZZT-inspired game creation system - project abandoned but source code is available [DOS] 
Create Your Own Adventure Games with Zeke creativity playground where kids design and write multi-outcome, interactive stories using three wacky and easy-to-use tools [Windows/MAC] 
Crystal Space free [LGPL] and portable 3D engine written in C++ [Windows/MAC/DOS/LINUX] 
Dark Basic BASIC language that lets you create fast full-screen DirectX and Direct3D games with incredible ease. You can write a 3D game in minutes! [Windows]
DC Games tool kit for creating the hottest CRPGs available [DOS]
Delver shareware single-player overhead-view tile-based computer RPG construction kit written in Java [JAVA]
Digital Loca-Lite 3D authoring tool, especially designed for beginning 3D-Game-makers [Windows95+]
DIV Games Studio DIV Games Studio DIV Games Studio programming language that has been designed exclusively for the creation of games [Windows]
Divinty RPG maker/editor [MAC]
DUNG graphical MUD builder [Windows95/NT, Unix]
DX Creator dedicated creation tool for producing professional PC graphic based programs [Windows]
EdPack authoring tool for graphic adventures. Site is in Spanish but based on the translation I got from AltaVista, program sounds promising.
Erasmatazz Authoring tool used to create interactive story worlds [Windows/MAC] 
Explorations Role Playing Game System full featured RPG creation tool [Windows] 
FreeCraft fantasy real-time strategy game engine {Windows/LINUX]
Freeplay free, 2D development environment for multimedia adventure games. Integrated are editors for sprites, scripts, paths and other game components. [JAVA]
FST Flight Simulation Toolkit; a suite of programs that enables non-programmers to design complete flight simulators [Windows]
GamesBasic for creating lightning fast games, demos or Windowsdows applications
Game Builder Lite for creating animated adventures and educational programs [DOS] 
Game Maker make games like Pacman by just using some simply clicking and drag-and-drop with your mouse [Windows] 
GameMaker & GameMaker Lite simple, card-based development system that enables you to create simple adventure games with graphics, buttons, and text [MAC]
GameStep new way of creating multimedia content or games which combines the qualities of Java, rapid development and platform independence, [Windows/MAC] 
GAUGE will be able to support any sort of 3D game, including first person shooters, real time strategy, simulations, and more 
Genesis 3D a completely free and very powerful 3D gaming engine [Windows]
Gizmo3D v0.99 Beta 12 Gizmo3D is a high performance 3D Scene Graph and effect visualisation C++ toolkit for Linux, WIN32 and IRIX used in Game or VisSim development.
Glumol clone of the mythical LucasArts SCUMM engine [Windows]
GRAAL script-based Graphic Adventure Authoring Language [Amiga] 
HUGO a programming language and authoring system for interactive fiction [Windows/DOS/Linux] 
Hyperplay multimedia authoring engine for adventures and other games [Windows/OS2] 
iBuild multimedia authoring and creativity tool [MAC]
IAGE internet adventure game engine [Windows w IE] 
IndianaJava system to create and run 2D graphic adventure games [JAVA] 
Inform a design system for interactive fiction [Windows/MAC/Amiga] 
InterAx create games in an easy to use yet powerful visual environment without programming or scripting. [Windows95+] 
Isometrix is a really good site for everyone that wants to use isometric engines.
JACL an interpreted programming language for creating Web-based adventure games [create on a FastCGI-enabled Apache serve - run on any web browser] 
JAFFACAKE Java Application Framework for Adventure Creation, Appropriate Klasses Enclosed [JAVA] 
Jamagic [fka JAMA3D] if you can program your web page, you can program your 3D game in JAVA Script; also be sure to visit JAMA3D Programmers Guild an official support site for JAMA3D [Windows/MAC/Linux] 
JAVA Game Creator complete development environment for creating multimedia applications like adventure games [JAVA] 
Jet3D state-of-the-art 3D graphics engine built for high performance real-time rendering [Windows] 
LucasHacks the ultimate SCUMM hacking resource including the new SCUMM Revisited [Windows]
LSD for creating web-based interactive fiction [JAVA Script]
MAC Game Creator Toolkit CD ROM special registered versions of 5 MAC creators, plus tutorials, utilities, and sample games [MAC]
Macintosh Game Creation Society information about and downloads for MAC game creators [MAC] 
MAGE for creating interaction fiction [UNIX/Linux]
mAGE Mark's Adventure Game Engine [under developement][Windows]
Magx compiler for creating text adventures which is downward compatible with all of the existing versions of the AGT language [DOS/Linux]
Maker 1 & Maker R2 script-based adventure game editor for the creation of LucasArts-like games [DOS/Windows] 
MediaForge an event-driven, object-based authoring tool [Windows] 
Megazeux an object oriented ANSI game maker with many features not found in ZZT [DOS]
M.U.G.E.N. program that enables you to build your own 2D fighting game [Windows] 
Multimedia Fusion create exciting interactive applications with a mouse-driven interface - this is the one I use [Windows]
Nautilus Engine create a retail quality game by writing less than 100 lines of C [Windows & Visual C++]
Nebula is a free 3D engine from Radonlabs. They use the engine for their new game Nomads [Windows & Visual C++]
Official Hamster Republic RPG Construction Engine create your own role-playing games with no programming experience [DOS] 
OZ Project technology and art to help artists create high quality interactive drama, based in part on AI technologies 
Panard Vision SDK 0.99b-Beta4 a free 3D engine [Win32;DOS;Linux]
PAWS IF authoring system [Various]
Pie 3D Game Creation System make your own 3D action games [DOS/Windows] 
QTAC the quick text adventure creator [DOS/Windows95+/JAVA]
QML Quest Markup Language free XML-based Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game system 
Quest Axe Software's app that allows you to create your own text adventure/RPG games, quickly and easily. [Windows95+] 
QuestMaker for making graphical adventure games [DOS]
Reality Factory suite of applications that have been created in order to enable people that are NOT programmers to make advanced, 3d first and third person games for PC's running Windowsdows [Windows]
REXX Adventure text adventure engine [OS2 Presentation Manager] 
ROBOT a program you can use to create computer adventure games [this is the continuation of the BOT project that was recently dropped by it's original programmer] [Windows]
Role Maker a masters thesis project to develop a free authoring system for RPGs [Windows]
RPG Toolkit Development System for the Creation and Play of your own RPG Games [Windows] site for top 3 RPG makers[Windows]
RPGPro simplest RPG creation program around [Windows]
RuneSword RPG game and construction set [Windows95+]
Scripted Adventure Game Engine [SAGE] for creating text adventures with or without graphics [Windows 95/98/NT]
SAGE Story System ScienceFact Adventure Game Engine - a development system that allows a developer to utilize script files to make a graphical adventure games [Windows] 
The SCRAMM Project info on the project of making a SCUMM-like adventure script creation tool [Windows] 
Scrolling Game Development Kit complete game development system whose features can be used by experts and beginners alike
Shadows game development engine for RPGs, dungeon crawler "roguelike" game like diablo and graphic adventures like dreamweb [DOS/Windows95]
Sphere RPG engine specialized for making 2D, console-style RPGs, similar to Final Fantasy and Phantasy Star [Windows]
Sprite RPG construction engine used to make games similar to the Final Fantasy series [Windows]
Spritech isometric game engines [MAC]
Stagecast create multi-level games, mazes, puzzles and simulations for the Web, using the mouse to demonstrate what you want each character to do[MAC/Windows] 
StoryHarp Audioventure Authoring System adds the dimension of voice to interactive fiction development [Windows95/NT] 
StoryMaker create your own interactive fiction games [MAC] 
StorySprawl a site devoted to the creation of hyperfiction 
SUDS adventure game system which combines the content and feel of a text adventure game with the point-and-click style of Windows [Windows] 
TADS text adventure development system [DOS/Windows/MAC/Amiga/AtariST/OS2/Acorn] 
Territory of Fottifoh write your own adventure games with a special hypertext language [DOS?] 
Text Adventure Dreams a service that will write your text adventure game for you
Text Game 3.0 design an entire world of creatures and warriors for personal, Internet, and network play [Windows] 
TROAICS upcoming engine - an acronym for Text Rooms and Objects Interactive Adventure Creation System [Windows] 
ToonTalk - Making Programming Child's Play build and run all sorts of computer programs [Windows]
UA Windows freeware program similar to the Unlimited Adventures program released by SSI [Windows/MAC/Linux]
Ultimate AGI & SCI Web Site great resource for demos, games, utilities
VERGE a role-playing game creation system [DOS] 
Void 3D Engine a free, open source, 3D game engine [Win]
WABFIT create a multipath story for the web [Windows]
ZZT an object oriented ANSI game maker from Epic Megagames [DOS]

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